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Allison is a registered nurse and senior health policy adviser with some 25 years experience. Prior to launching CPD Nurse Escapes, Allison worked as a private consultant for a diverse range of clients in the government and non-government, health, community and education sectors. Allison has an extensive background in regulation, governance and professional practice and applies this in education, policy development and project management. Allison was the Principal Advisor, Professional Practice at the Nursing & Midwifery Board of South Australia, for 10 years where she was responsible for developing nursing and midwifery policy and standards and advising and educating nurses and midwives on professional practice issues.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

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The Health Objective is a part of CPD Nurse Escapes
We’ve established cpd nurse escapes in response to this real need among nurses and midwives.

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Our Mission

  • To assist you to develop a practical understanding of your cpd requirements and to meet your professional development obligations with confidence
  • To capacity-build you to self-assess your professional learning needs and goals, identify professional development activities to meet these goals and plan your annual cpd program
  • To offer you interesting and enlightening professional development opportunities across key areas of contemporary nursing professional practice, management and leadership
  • To open you up to new ways of thinking about, planning and undertaking your annual cpd activities - integrating your professional development into a broader scope of personal development and renewal - with the opportunity for exciting and refreshing travel experiences

We also recognise the need for you to find the time to relax and rejuvenate. Unfortunately, work and family commitments too often compete with the need for personal time and renewal - and the added obligation for cpd often only compounds this. We’re also aware that cpd can be costly.
cpd nurse escapes' seminars, conferences and sabbaticals change this paradigm
By combining your cpd with the opportunity for personal development and rejuvenation activities, in a ‘holiday’ destination - combining professional learning with personal renewal - we believe that you can enjoy the best of both worlds and don’t have to forgo a well earned break because you’ve had to budget your time and money for a conference instead.
In fact, you might find that the tax-deductible elements of your cpd/travel could in many cases more than offset your actual seminar, conference or sabbatical cost.

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